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Living Room Talk is a new video blog by adventurer and former diplomat John Graham that focuses mostly, but not entirely, current events. There will be one short video a week, usually on Friday at 5 PM Pacific time, posted live on Facebook and then re-posted to other social media venues.. Tune in live or watch it later. Please Like it and Share it.

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Joe Biden’s Values: Fact or Fiction?

I very much wanted Joe Biden to be President and I’m happy with the strong, quick moves he’s made to advance his agenda. But I think he made a serious stumble last week and it could cause long-term problems for American interests in the Middle East as well as call into question his key personal and campaign strength—his integrity. See the video blog

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Mars, Science and the Future of Reality

The Mars rover and the Covid vaccines show us the extraordinary power of the human mind and spirit, of science and of critical thinking. And then there was the collapse of the Texas power grid caused by a complete dismissal of science and fact-based analysis. What do these three events mean for the future of reality-based thinking in America? Which path will we follow? See the video blog

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America's Back

“America’s Back.” With those two words, the new US president repudiated the go-it-alone policies of his predecessor that have led to bitter disagreements, escalating trade wars, and rejection of the alliances that have benefited America and its allies since the end of the Second World War. But a slogan is not a policy. Let’s look at what’s back and what isn’t. See the video blog

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Trump's Acquitted; Now What?

So what was this impeachment trial all for— just a fascinating bit of political theater? Trump and his base claim victory, of course, but that ignores the fact that the Trump brand has been irrevocably damaged, like a bull absorbing the first stab of the picadors’ lance in an event whose outcome is preordained. See the video blog


Where to Be, GOP?

Were you hoping, just for a couple of days following the assault on the Capitol, that Republicans had finally burst out of their Trump trance? Didn’t last long, did it? But even though the gutless wonders of the Senate GOP will not vote to convict Trump, that's just the first battle of a major internal war for the soul of the Republican Party, a war whose outcome is far from certain. See the video blog

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Happy to be an American

As the Biden Administration begins, many of us are pivoting from dread and outrage to... happiness. And it's about a lot more than “Ding Dong, the wicked witch is dead!” isn’t it? See video

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Living Room Talk #15: The Whole World Was Watching

Why the damage from the Capitol attack is global, and why that matters. See video

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Living Room Talk #14; A Risk Too Damn Big to Take

After the attack on the Capitol incited by a deranged President, it's clear that Donald Trump is irrational and dangerous enough to start a nuclear war before January 20th. Call your legislators. Keep them alarmed. Tell them they must remove Trump from power NOW. See video

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Living Room Talk #13: The Cowards in Congress.

How a small cabal of Trump loyalists in Congress is trying to overturn the November election results, subvert the Constitution, and end democracy. Watch the video


LIVING ROOM TALK 12: Pulling the Plug on the Spy in the House

Smart speakers. Sure they offer great conveniences. But at what price? My wife Ann and I found out. Watch the video


Living Room Talk #11: The Vaccine—Who Gets It and for What?

There’s another pandemic raging in this country that ultimately could cost us more than Covid 19. I’m calling it the Ostrich Plague—a relentless virus that’s caused millions of Americans to put their heads in the sand, refusing to acknowledge the danger of the colossal assault on American democracy and values we’ve seen over the last four years. See the video.

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Living Room Talk #10 Talking to the Enemy

Talking to the Enemy: Political, racial and economic conflict are tearing this country apart and if we don’t get a handle on it, we're going to become the biggest banana republic ever. We need to talk to our enemies. Here's how to start.


Living Room Talk #9 Battle Fatigue

Yes, we’re exhausted by all that’s hit us in recent times but the times they are a-changin. The country didn’t go over the cliff into authoritarianism in the election. It isn’t going to be easy, but we’ve got a chance now, a reboot. View here.

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Living Room Talk #8: Poor Loser

“Poor Loser:” How Trump’s attempts to subvert the electoral process can cost us big time, and for a long time. I've seen this before... View here

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Living Room Talk #7: Who Voted for Trump, Why and What Does It Mean?

“Who Voted for Trump, Why, and What’s It Mean?" The answers to these questions are important to understanding how democracy in America can have a future, and how this grand experiment, begun 230 years ago, can be repaired for a new run. View here

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Living Room Talk #6: Biden Wins;Now What?

The road from now until Inauguration Day will be rocky. Here’s what’s going to happen. Stay informed. Stay Calm. Stay patient. Watch this short video

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Living Room Talk #5: Watch the Vote

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait until this election is over. No more email or robo-call pleas for campaign contributions. No more ads and Facebook posts that remind me how divisive and polarized this nation has become, especially over the last four years. Watch this short video

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    Living Room Talk #4: Has Donald Trump Been Playing to Lose?

    Donald Trump was more disciplined in the final debate—but it comes after months of an inept campaign in which he's chosen to play to his base rather than make any real effort to broaden his appeal. Former Foreign Service Officer, adventurer and political activist John Graham analyzes what's going on.
  • Living Room Talk #3: The Barrett Nomination

    Amy Coney Barrett: Who is she and what would her joining the Supreme Court mean?
  • Living Room Talk #2: Racism

    This edition of Living Room Talk is focused on racism in the United States. John Graham gives an extremely honest and insightful personal account, and offers suggestions for the future.
  • Living Room Talk #1: Trump and the Virus

    President Donald Trump just spent four days at the Walter Reed medical center because he had contracted the coronavirus. This video blog briefly introduces the blog's creator, John Graham, and then takes a close look at the Presidents condition and what it means.