It's Up to Us

Making a difference in a challenging world: The Giraffe Heroes Program for Teens

"This book seems truly in keeping with our promise to young people—the chance to give back through community service." — General Colin Powell

"An exceptional "how-to" primer on activating and organizing for change, accessible to readers from middle school and up." — CYD Journal

"Presents a compelling model for social action, using stories of real heroes to inspire students to follow their lead." — Community Service News

It's Up to Us inspires teens to lead meaningful lives. It assumes that kids have concerns about the world they're living in and that, given the chance, they want to have a positive impact on that world. It shows kids how to pick a problem that concerns them and to carry out their own service projects to address that problem.

It's Up to Us helps teens build the personal courage they need to stick their necks out for the common good, even when that means they might be embarrassed or criticized—or might fail.

Some of the chapters deal with profound topics—meaning, courage, compassion and responsibility—in words and graphics that appeal to teens. Other chapters build specific skills, such as handling stress and conflict, planning, making decisions and giving presentations.

In the book's foreword, Patch Adams calls It's Up to Us, "the golden ticket to meaning—giving you the ABCs of making your life count."

It's Up to Us is for the full spectrum of kids in high school, no matter how they've been categorized or stereotyped.