Giraffe Heroes International (GHI) takes the vision, strategies and materials developed by the Giraffe Heroes Project over the last 30 years to countries where that inspiration and know-how can make a critical difference, helping people solve the problems that challenge their nations and their lives. GHI gives global partners a tested template for finding their country’s heroes and getting their stories known, inspiring other citizens to help take on public problems. Those heroes might be combating corruption, easing poverty or disease, ending conflicts, protecting the environment, advocating for women’s rights ... All of them are “sticking their necks out” for the common good.

To date, GHI has established affiliates in India, Nepal, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Argentina and South Africa. The authorities have shut down our affiliate in Egypt.

In addition to forming global partnerships, GHI has been engaged in significant peacebuilding initiatives in Nigeria, Israel/Palestine and within the Muslim community in the UK.

GHI is also eyes and ears and its investigative reporting sheds new light on difficult places, such as Tibet.

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