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I shipped out on a freighter when I was 16, hitchhiked through the Algerian Revolution at 19 and was on the team that made the first ascent of Denali’s North Wall at 20, a climb so dangerous it’s never been repeated. I hitchhiked around the world at 22, working as a correspondent for the Boston Globe iin every war I came across. A US Foreign Service Officer for 15 years, I was in the middle of the 1969 revolution in Libya and the war in Vietnam. To me as a young man,...


A Street-Smart Guide to Creating Change in Your Community and Beyond

"Practical suggestions focusing your talents and ideas to help create the changes you desire." — Millard Fuller, Founder and President, Habitat for Humanity

"Read this book and come alive." — Vicki Robin, Co-founder, Let’s Talk America

“Superb book for those who want to take active steps to bring change in their community.” — Edward Peters, Exec. VP, Initiatives of Change

Filled with practical tips and inspiring examples, this book is the missing link between ideals and...


Technique, Common Sense & Self-Confidence

"It would be bad judgment to venture into the wild outdoors or even into your own career without reading and digesting this masterpiece." —Paul Petzoldt, Founder, National Outdoor Leadership School

"Outdoor Leadership's discussion, advice and techniques for learning and improving leadership skills will prove invaluable to anyone, hard-core mountaineer or not, in the outdoors or any other part of life. This book is so good I will strongly recommend it to all my staff and friends. A real gem." — Gary Neptune, owner,...


Making a difference in a challenging world: The Giraffe Heroes Program for Teens

"This book seems truly in keeping with our promise to young people—the chance to give back through community service." — General Colin Powell

"An exceptional "how-to" primer on activating and organizing for change, accessible to readers from middle school and up." — CYD Journal

"Presents a compelling model for social action, using stories of real heroes to inspire students to follow their lead." — Community Service News

It's Up to Us inspires teens to...