Interactive Workshops



John Graham has been leading this workshop for twenty years, and it's led to the solution of problems big and small. He's used it to help avert a major strike in Canada—and help a high school kid recruit allies for working with the homeless in Dallas.

The workshop begins with participants each creating a strong, clear picture of success for their work or project. That's followed by a series of challenging role plays Graham creates on the spot to help individuals sharpen their pictures of success and communicate them with enough power to attract support and overcome resistance and conflicts.

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LEADERSHIP (3-5 hours)

John Graham shares a lifetime of leadership experience as a mountaineer, diplomat, citizen activist, and President of the Giraffe Heroes Project. To him, leadership is not a set of rules but an art; not just skills and techniques, but personality and style; involving not just the body and the mind, but spirit and character as well. Topics covered include:

  1. Seeing yourself as a leader
  2. When to take charge-and when not to
  3. Why and how to build trust
  4. Creating and communicating a vision of success
  5. Developing your own authentic style
  6. Making good decisions
  7. Negotiating and resolving conflict


This hands-on, participatory workshop shows participants how to transform ideals and ideas into real changes in public policy. Subjects covered include:

  1. Doing the homework
  2. Uncovering the hidden issues that can block success
  3. Creating a specific project that solves the problem you see
  4. Creating a vision for that project’s success
  5. Sharpening the project’s focus, adding details and budgets
  6. Creating a detailed planning guide, linking vision, goals and specific steps and responsibilities
  7. Assessments, course corrections and follow-through
  8. Celebrating success